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We’re happy to provide you another way to ask questions about treatment options and obtain resource and referral information. Our hours are limited while we try this out for the first time.

You can connect with a Recovery Specialist:
M-W: 12-5pm
Th-F: 10am-3pm

If you want to connect with us outside of our chat hours, you can reach us 24/7 at 1-866-789-1511.

Things to remember about RHL Chat:

  • The Chat platform may not work as well with smart phones, so if possible, use a computer.
  • The Recovery Help Line is not a crisis line and our Recovery Specialists are not counselors. Chat is intended to provide you with information about accessing recovery support and treatment resources related to substance use disorder, mental health, and problem gambling.
  • The same demographic information obtained over the course of a phone call in order to determine the most appropriate referrals will also be asked through chat.
  • Records of chat conversations are not made public or disclosed to third parties.
  • If you have any other specific questions about chat or how we would use or store information can be directed to